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Editors Letter (iv)

Dear Reader,

In other words, measurements are intra-actions (not interactions): the agencies of observation are inseparable from that which is observed. Measurements are world-making (...)

Karen Barad, What is the Measure of Nothingness?

What is there left to say that hasn’t been said before? Most things in the art world have been commented on, and more assuredly than I could ever do here (my attempts can be found in drafts 1-10). But as Barad goes on to say, ‘it matters how something is explored’, and her words lend some weight to a topic that I do at least feel partly equipped to write on - the measurement of art.

So, instead, let’s discuss the ins and outs of art criticism. For if ARG has learnt anything in its one-year tenure, it’s the importance of writing that not only interrogates the subject, but the very way in which that subject is questioned, and in this issue you’ll find articles that do both.

One thing that keeps cropping up is a turn towards the conversational. In these pages you will find a discussion over email between Jenny Wilson and Jens Masimov, which, in its digressions, manages to embody and really get to the point of what it is they are talking about (you can find out exactly what that is on page 22). To deviate from the monophonic is to traverse the ‘stickiness of more lumpy terrains’ in defiance with the homogenising powers described by Rebecca Gill in her essay for ARG4; to quote Jens, “I’m all about the polyphonic!” Hopefully, stickiness will continue to pervade these pages.

From there, we move to Tasha Lizak-Naikauskas’s sumptuous and at times personal thoughts on the semiotics of advertising and the ever-present pronoun ‘IT’ and then on to the nuanced interrelations explored in Rachel Boyd’s interrogation of the impact of the Mackintosh Fire on the local community. Written in conversation with The Garnethill Displaced Residents Association and staff of the CCA, Rachel’s article is an urgent yet even handed reflection on issues often overlooked in favour of those with more cultural currency.

This will be the first ARG folded by machine rather than by friends drafted in at the last minute. So as the industrial revolution takes ARG by storm, it is time to belatedly thank those who have folded the last three issues of this magazine, alongside our contributors, editors and everyone else who has kept ARG going.

What is left to say, apart from that we hope you enjoy this, the fourth issue of ARG.

November 2018

———————EDITORS—ISSUE 4———————

Colm Guo-Lin Peare (Founding), Martha Horn (Founding), Marion Eele (at Large), Siri Black (Managing), Jo Morton (at Large), Chloë Reid (Contributing, Fiction)

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