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Editors Letter (ii)

Dear Reader,

A manifesto, unilateral and univocal, is not what this editorial letter is. This does, admittedly, leave its purpose up in the air. However, we hope that both Issue 1 and now Issue 2 have contained a plurality of subjects, publications that asked for time from their readers in return for information and insight provided by their contributors. Thus we hope what follows reflects a range of ideas rather than those of the two editors sitting in this room.

In January we were dismayed to hear of the withdrawal of Transmission’s RFO status, and similarly dismayed at the homogenizing editorial overview that pervaded media coverage of the news. The result derailed key discussions in search of a marketable grand narrative. In response, Tiffany Boyle’s article on the subject, published here in ARG, broadens the dialogue that took place in traditional media outlets.

Amongst stories and artworks, Tiffany Boyle’s is one of the essays that make up the bulk of the issue. The essay so often makes claims to partiality; and whilst a single opinion omits in search of a clear line of argument, we hope that in presenting a collection we have avoided this fate. Two such wide-ranging essays come from Tommasso Ranfagni and Jo Morton. In ARG2, Tommasso examines the place for poetry within contemporary art, whilst Jo discusses urban development within the context of The CCA’s exhibition ‘Lilt, Twang, Tremor’. This is to name but two of the contrasting pieces contained within. We also have an insert containing an interview from members of GSA’s POC society that was originally published as part of their In Residence symposium.

Yet sometimes, however eloquent you are, art defies written explanation. In this issue we are very grateful to be able to feature a collection of paintings and drawings from Harry and Lucy Clitheroe in full colour, risograph-glory. The intuitiveness of the work is impossible to put into words - making our job quite hard. On an entirely different note, in this issue we also welcome back original ARG contributor Chloë Reid with two new short stories.  

We hope that you enjoy issue two of Art Review Glasgow; we certainly enjoyed making it.

Martha & Colm, March 2018

———————EDITORS—ISSUE 2———————

Colm Guo-Lin Peare (Founding), Martha Horn (Founding), Marion Eele (at Large)

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