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Editors Letter (i)

Dear Reader,

Thank you for picking up the first ever issue of Art Review Glasgow. As I write (and Colm corrects) this, mere hours before we go to print and surrounded by scraps of paper and the back catalogue of Frieze, I think back to how I thought founding and editing an art criticism journal would be much more glamorous than the reality. Perhaps my confession of a lack of planning will go someway to apologising for the professional veneer that our name – Art Review Glasgow (or ARG if you’re feeling particularly angst ridden) - lends us. We felt extremely guilty when we realised a couple of months ago that this was perhaps conning people considerably smarter than ourselves into sending in their submissions - but we are glad they did.

What is noticeable from the array of writing that we are presenting to you now is the belief that art is necessarily tied to life; all of our contributors are artists, curators, writers thinking about, but also beyond, art, curation and writing. When meeting Giulia to discuss her contribution she said something that seemed to stick (and we hope we’re not misquoting) - “I feel I am a citizen, a human, first and a curator, artist, whatever second”. This is as expected: one of our contributors articulates what we wanted this magazine to be a place for far better than we ever could. It’s our hope that we can continue publishing authors of this ilk; writers that think beyond themselves without ever losing themselves.

It is no surprise that this magazine is coming out of Glasgow. We feel part of a specific, supportive community that is nonetheless incredibly outwards looking. Much more has been written of its unique creative scene and we won’t bore you with our re-utterances. However, neither of us being natives, we are constantly amazed at all the generosity that we come across - we are always being given time, advice and just general opportunity! For one, we are incredibly grateful and proud to be able to publish the fantastic work of both David Sherry and Sean Patrick Campbell in our first issue.

We hope to keep reading and discussing work with people who have something to say, whatever that may be, wherever they may be. We’re not so fussed about what someone is interested in, just as long as they are - interested people are interesting people! So, please do drop us a line if you need a place to publish, discuss or muse. Additionally, please send in any burning comments that you may have about any of the articles as we hope to set up a Letters page in the next issue  so that they can get aired.

Thank you for staying with us at least this far – stay tuned!

Martha & Colm,    November 2017

———————EDITORS—ISSUE 1———————

Colm Guo-Lin Peare (Founding), Martha Horn (Founding)

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