Issue 2

A note of context.
Remember the Demolition
JO MORTON looks at how the concept of the ruin as an aesthetic trope can be applied to Glasgow in the context of the CCA’s Lilt, Twang, Tremor.
On the Wider and Historical Contexts Around the Withdrawal of Transmission Gallery’s RFO Status
Using archival material, Creative Scotland’s decision to withdraw Transmission’s RFO status is interrogated by TIFFANY BOYLE, for MOTHER TONGUE.
Some Observations About Poetry in the World of Appearances
TOMMASO RANFAGNI considers the work of LAURA CASTELLUCCI and explores the uses and mis-uses of poetic forms in the contemporary art world.
GSA PoC Society Presents a Conversation
The GSA POC SOCIETY presents “a conversation that we want you to have at every opportunity; when an institution asks for your opinion, and, more importantly, when it doesn’t.”
Drawing on the Body
NIAMH MOLONEY argues for embodiment as a form of knowledge.
Stories: Blanket & Scab
Two short stories by CHLOË REID.
The Dissolution Effect
ANASTASIA PHILIMONOS & ALESSANDRO DI MASSIMO converse about Di Massimo’s work and its relation to borders and global connectivity.

Issue 1

A note of context.
The “Effects” of Censorship
PAUL AITKEN talks to James Oberhelm about the recent censorship of his work and investigates the Prevent strategy’s influence on art education institutions.
Casual Equivalences
A reflection on object appropriation: DANNY PAGARANI reviews Steven Claydon’s The Archipelago of Contented Peoples at The Common Guild. 
Anperforming the Practice of Labour
In August 2017, GIULIA COLLETTI curated I See Doors of Opportunity Where There Are No Doors, an exhibition of works by David Sherry. Here, Colletti writes about how the work, “taking its cue from the pamphlet, ‘Exhaustion et Exuberance’ by critic Jan Verwoert pivots on the pressure to perform in the knowledge economy, the contradictions defining success, and the disruptive effect of nonsense humour”.
A choreographic text-score by STEPHANIE BLACK-DANIELS. EXTENSIONS has been performed at Rapid Pulse Festival, Chicago, CREATurE Live Art, Lithuania and Month of Performance Art, Berlin.
On View: Sean Patrick Campbell
MARTHA HORN responds to the photography of Sean Patrick Campbell.
Dear Nicole Smythe-Johnson
An open email from BECKY BROWN.
A Crisis of Subjectivity
ANDREA GARCIA-OCHOA LEE considers subjectivity in an apparently “post-truth” world in relation to the Rohingya Crisis.
Stories: Tiny Begonias & Nature Poem
Two short stories by CHLOË REID.
Diary: Reflections on Performance
COLM PEARE on the work of Tamara MacArthur.